Bercomac Versatile UTV Snow Blower

  • Motor is installed in the middle for a perfect balance (requires motor between 13HP to 23HP with horizontal crankshaft of 1’’).
  • For 2-Stroke Honda motors with Horse Power of 20 HP to 24HP, they need Bercomac exhaust silencer, for example ; No. Kimpex : 089269 cause the Honda exhaust silencer does not match.
  • Blower opening: 54’’ or 48’’ wide x 21’’ high.
  • The sub frame attaches to the rear of the ATV/UTV on the hitch ball.
  • Universal sub frame fits majority of ATVs and small UTVs. Standard length is 120’’.
  • Weight may be transferred to the suspension of the vehicle for better manoeuvrability.
  • Electrical control box included: adjust chute, engage clutch, and stop your engine, all from your seat.
  • 3 shear bolt safety system.
  • Reduction: single belt system (type “BX 55” belt) assures a long life span.
  • Electric clutch engages snowblower instantly.
  • Bigger wheels for better adaptability to any kind of terrain.
  • Weight: 245 lbs without motor.
  • Warranty: Residential 1 year, commercial 90 days.

* CAUTION: If EPA is applicable in your area, be sure to choose a snowblower that respects it.

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