2017 Camso UTV 4S1 Track System

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At ATVTracks.net, we’re very excited about the 2017 Camso Track Systems. Camso (formerly Camoplast), first offered the UTV Track System in 2010. It was a two-bearing system, with serial numbers starting with 6822. Camso upgraded to a three-bearing system starting in 2012, with serial numbers starting with 6722. The 2017 Camso Track System offers a wealth of new improvements (serial numbers starting with 6522).

First, the older systems had a T-bracket bushing that would wobble or tilt in its housing. Even a tilt of 1/8” could cause the track to derail (please see our site for instructional videos on addressing this issue). The 2017 system has mounted the T-bracket on a plate to prevent tilting. Derailment issues are a thing of the past! Second, older systems had positioned the track adjustment bolt behind a bogey wheel, making it difficult to access for tensioning the track. The 2017 system introduced a sliding plate that is easily accessible at the T-bracket. Loosen the locking bolt, turn the adjustment bolt to the proper tension, and lock the bracket in place. Next, the old systems mounted hard rubber bogey wheels directly to fixed mounts on the frame. Hitting rocks and pebbles would transmit vibration directly to the frame, causing a hard ride. The 2017 system mounts the bogey wheels on rubber torsion mounts to soften the ride. The mounts also have upgraded seals to prevent water intrusion. The pivoting wheels have also been mounted on the new rubber torsion mounts. This addresses an issue with the older two-piece design that featured a bolt that could loosen or break. Finally, the older systems fit the torsion arm into a channel on the frame. Severe stress on the torsion arm could deform or break the channel, ruining the frame. The 2017 system now mounts the torsion arm using a bracket that bolts to the frame. Replacing a bent bracket is far cheaper than buying a new frame!

Additional upgrades to the 2017 Camso Track System include a beefier square tube frame, lug bolts instead of sheet metal screws, and an oil reservoir for protecting pivot wheel bearings when driving in water. Another exciting new feature is a bubble level built into the frame to aid in leveling the rear bogey wheel. The 2017 system still features an oil bath for lubrication in case the outer bearing seal breaks. Another standard feature is a rolled edge on the track for easier turning.

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