Easy Ways You Can Ruin Your ATV

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ATVs are as easy to damage as any regular vehicle and require consistent maintenance to keep working. There is the added risk of off-road driving that can lead to easy damage due to terrain difficulties. If you want to keep your ATV in working order, you need to know these easy ways you can ruin your ATV and how to avoid them.

  1. Clean your filters – The air filters on your ATV are necessary for keeping your engine in tip-top shape. Without clean filters, the engine will slowly wear down and stop working. Don’t be afraid of getting new ones if needed.
  2. Clogged radiator – Off-roading is great fun but can quickly lead to a clogged radiator. This will overheat your engine and ruin your ATV. Clean it often with a pressure washer to avoid this.
  3. Regular maintenance – It can be easy to forget to check up on some areas of your ATV. These parts often slip our minds but can cause serious damage if left unchecked. This includes screws, oil, grease, and tires. Make sure that these parts are functioning fully and cleaned regularly.
  4. Crashes and submerges – The quickest way to break an ATV is the greatest fear of any driver—crashing. Now, avoiding a crash or submersion is not as simple as cleaning a filter, but there are things you can do. Keeping up on your maintenance will provide you with better control over the ATV. Avoiding dangerous paths or terrains will also help limit risks. Even using ATV tracks can keep your ATV afloat and drivable. If you are in an accident, perform repairs as quickly as possible, and don’t drive your ATV until everything is fixed and checked out.

These are just a few of the common and easy ways you can ruin your ATV. Proper maintenance will help to avoid these problems. Modifications, such as ATV tracks, which are easy to use, can help to really alleviate a lot of the difficulties from the environment; however, they also require their own maintenance, and sometimes, ATV track parts need replacement. But they are well worth the trouble, as you can drive on many different terrains without worry.

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