All of the Bercomac attachments are interchangeable on the same quick hitch mounting. This Snowblower bolts on in minutes! What a great idea for people who have more than one tractor or ATV. There is no more going out to buy all new attachments for a different ATV or tractor. All you will need is a new hitch for each tractor or ATV. Sometimes the hitches can be used one more than one model too.
The resale value is preserved on these as well and the attachments can be used on another size or model which also allows for an increase in re-salability.
Optional features include:

  • Chute deflector - raise and lower the deflector from the driver's seat
  • Drift Cutters - Help to slice through high snow drifts
  • Heavy Duty Skid Shoes - raises the snowblower to prevent picking up rocks
  • Electric Chute and Deflector kit - rotate and adjust the chute
    When choosing a snow blower you have some choices. The Northeast model blower has 4 impellers compared the Deluxe model that has 3 impellers. The Northeast snowblower’s impellers are 1 inch in diameter larger than the impeller on the Deluxe model. Both of these Berco blowers are quality machines and will really blow the snow, the Northeast will blow it the farthest. The build quality is the same but the blowing capacity is larger with the Northeast model.
    The Berco snowblower will out throw the Cub Cadet snowblower by a long way. That isn't just sales hype. Our neighbor across the road from us out here in the country was lucky enough to have his renter leave him his Bercomac snowblower and when he uses it we still all have to watch out the shop window. Another big advantage is the resale value. Some day you could sell it to somebody with a different brand of tractor and all they would have to do is get a sub frame kit for their brand of tractor.
    There's just is no comparison, a tractor mounted snowblower will always out perform a walk behind model of any kind. I have a single stage 42" new John Deere, in the crate. I also have a new Bercomac 40" 2 stage snowblower. I have a new Bercomac 44" snowblower. If you want to throw the snow the farthest do not even look at the John Deere. Do not get me wrong, I did not say John Deere was bad, as it does a good job, but the Berco still does it better.