The snow has been falling all night. Kicking the door open against the snow drift, you press your way outside. Knowing that your family won’t be able to get home through the 3 feet of fresh snow you are going to do what any desperate man does.
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As the garage door opens you feel a twinge of adrenaline hit your body. Out of the corner of your eyes you catch a glimpse of the 48” blade of your Dual Stage Bercomac SnowBlower that you just got from ATVTracks.net. Glimmering in the cool morning breeze, your ATV /UTV seems to scream without making a sound. You know in your heart that it wants a piece of that driveway real bad!
Resting assured, you know once you place yourself on your ATV or UTV you won’t have to move another muscle due to the fact that this Snow Blower has all the controls right at your fingertips! That’s right! All that power is right there at your control and nothing can stand in your way of tearing that snow clear off your driveway.
Cranking up your engine on you Bercomac SnowBlower, you throw snow quite a ways with your 13 Hp Honda motor! You commend yourself for the wisdom of your engine choice. You could have chosen other motors but you know better. What a wise man you are! With ease the first path is cleared, then the next.
Chuckling to yourself you notice Charlie (your neighbor) throwing shovel after shovel over his shoulder. Boy, that back is going to hurt in the morning. But not yours buddy! You are almost done now and you have only been at this a little while. What a time saver this Snow Blower is! What a great buy!
Can you believe you wasted your money on a normal blower last year? (You say, as you are pulling into your garage.) This Bercomac SnowBlower is the only way to go.
A smirk crawls across your face as you ponder the idea of a 500 foot driveway addition just so you can use your ATVTracks.net Bercomac SnowBlower some more; or maybe you can just clear Charlie’s drive for him.
Maybe ...after the game.