The Click “N” Go Plow System from Kimpex can be swiveled right, left, or straight ahead for plowing in any situation. With our Track kits such as the Commander Tracks you can easily plow the most difficult areas. The Click “N” Go Plow System allows easy connect and release for your plow.
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You just drive your ATV or UTV up to the plow. Attach the winch cable and lift the plow up some. Push the plow/frame back until it clicks on the plow mount. You are ready to plow.
To remove the plow, reverse the order. Press on your release lever. The plow releases just like that.
You will need to add the Kimpex Click “N” go Plow Plow System Snow Plow Frame Extension to your push frame. This will let the plow swivel from side to side without scrubbing the tracks.
The Kimpex Click “N” go Plow Plow System 6” blade is more than adequate for plowing. Pushing snow is a breeze. The Commander ATV / UTV Tracks provide more than enough traction for plowing. The tracks float over wet areas that we have a problem through. Running these tracks during this time of the year should prove to have limited impact on our trails. This is a serious problem with the tire equipped vehicles this time of the year. You have to be careful to not create too many ruts before the ground is frozen. If you do this you will have serious problems trying to drive on frozen ruts in your trails.
I can say that this combination is very impressive to look at and it works excellently. This is the easiest plow that you will ever hook up on your ATV or UTV. With the Kimpex Click “N” go Plow Plow System tight corners are a breeze and long driveways are a snap!
With the Click “N” Go Plow System from Kimpex you can’t go wrong. With the low cost and ease of setup and connection you can attach and go when you need it without compromising control. The Click “N” Go Plow System from Kimpex will work without the Commander tracks but with the tracks you have an unbeatable combination.
Let us know if we can help you get into your Kimpex Click “N” Go Plow System from Kimpex today.