If you are tired of trudging out into the cold to shovel your driveway each and every time it snows then we have the solution for you. You can easily snap one of these Kimpex Click “N” Go Snow Plow Systems onto your ATV or UTV in just seconds and clear that drive way in no time flat.
Click Here for Snow Plow Kits for your ATV or UTV
The Click “N” Go Plow System from Kimpex allows you to efficiently and easily clear the most difficult driveway without even working up a sweat. Just pull up to the plow and hook up your wench and give it a little lift. Then push the plow frame onto the clip and you are off!
If you team up this system with one of or track systems then you have an unbeatable pair. You can easily use this system with our commander track system and you have some awesome traction for plowing your driveway. Don’t let the snow get you down and don’t get snowed in again!
If you are going to clear out your driveway or clear your road then you need to be able to do it effeciently. The Click "N" Go Plow system is a cost effective and easy to use solution for everyone.
There is no simpler system on the market than this one and there is none more affordable. With this system you can do more work in less time with almost no effort. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and give us a call today.