Polaris makes the Ranger, Sportsman and Razor, a utility vehicle developed first as a six wheeler and then as a four wheeler as well. At www.atvtracks.net, we sell track kits that can make these already versatile and rugged vehicles even more useful and fun. Tatou, for example, makes track systems for six-wheelers that specifically offer superior performance in the snow.
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Our track kits will also work on other Polaris six-wheelers, of course. Our extremely popular Cat Tracks system is compatible with the whole range of Polaris Sportsman ATVs. With one of these track kits installed, your Polaris utility vehicle will be able to get through obstacles that would otherwise be too much of a hassle to deal with.
Track Kits For Polaris Six Wheelers for Added Utility
To see how useful these track kits can be, think about the example of a hunter who needs to be able to get to places that are tough to penetrate on a standard All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Utility Vehicle (UTV), Side-by-Side (SxS) or Razor (RZR) with factory installed tires. If you have one of the Polaris six wheelers, you've already got the advantage of being able to easily carry all the gear you need. Now put tracks on the vehicle, and the increased flotation will allow you to practically glide across muddy, swampy, or marshy areas.
Mud, debris, and downed branches or logs won't put a dent in your trip. You'll be able to make your way up and over even the most intimidating snow drifts. You'll be able to cut a trail through several feet of fresh powder. In short, you'll be in hunter's heaven!