ATV Snow Blowers

Because more power is always an option.

There are times when a lighter touch is necessary. But when it comes to moving snow, power is a good thing. Put away your shovel and sell that walk-behind snowblower. Berco makes a line of ATV snowblowers that will turn your favorite ride into your favorite chore. Bercomac ATV snowblowers feature 15 HP and 22 HP models, as well as non-engine models to work with your own engine (specific engine types required). Installation is quick and easy on the majority of ATV models. With heavy duty construction and electric controls, you’ll almost want to clear your neighbors’ driveways. Almost.

ATV Snowblower Features:

  • Electric controls
    • Deflector raise and lower
    • Chute turn 210°   
    • Engine start
    • Snowblower engage
    • Throttle
    • Electric lift (using vehicle winch)
  • 12 & 16 gauge steel frame for long life
  • 15”, 4-bladed impeller for throwing snow long distances, protected by shear bolt system
  • Saw tooth auger system chews through all kinds of snow, protected by shear bolt system
  • Maintenance free worm-type heavy duty gear box
  • Bushing-mounted rotating components can be easily replaced as needed
  • Reversible, replaceable long-life scraper protects snowblower base
  • Double-layered base to protect against damage
    • Choose your power – 15 HP engine or 22 HP Honda engine
    • Adjustable, replaceable skid shoes for smooth travel over various terrain types
    • Quick hook up to your ATV:
      • Extendable frame goes underneath your ATV and hooks up to rear ball hitch.
      • Chains attach to front axles via straps or permanent brackets.
      • Dolly wheel frame supports entire weight of snowblower.
    • Performance features:
      • Heavy duty gear box takes on any snow type, without maintenance.
      • Unique Type B belt system is reliable and long lasting.
      • Electromagnetic clutch for instant engagement.
    • Warranty
      • Residential: 1 year
      • Semi-Commercial, Professional, or Rental use: 90 days

    ATV requirements:

    • Requires 2” rear ball hitch with winch (1000 lbs. or more)
    • Measurement from furthest front point of vehicle to ball hitch must be 143” or less
    • Subframe extension required for measurements longer than 106”