UTV Snow Plows

Move everything winter throws at you.

You have the best UTV on your block, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay more to deal with the snow. You don’t have to break your back and shovel after every snowfall to clear your driveway. You especially don’t have to pay thousands for a separate snowblower to walk behind while your UTV lounges in your garage or shop. There’s an affordable way to turn your UTV into a snow removal machine. You can add a snow plow system, a Click N Go2 from Kimpex.

Kimpex produced the original Click N Go snow plow system, and it revolutionized using your UTV for moving snow. Others have imitated it, but they have never equaled its reliability and ease of use. Now, Kimpex has raised the bar again with the Click N Go2 systems. With a range of blade widths, innovative design, a universal mounting system that fits 60% - 75% of all UTVs, and the fastest installation around, the Click N Go2 snow plow will revolutionize your winters. Your neighbors will be begging you to plow them out, too.

Kimpex Click N Go2 UTV Snow Plows Feature:

  • Universal mount fits majority of UTV models
  • More compact system reduces ground clearance loss
  • More than 16” lift height maximum
  • Easier to handle, regardless of blade width
  • Blade widths from 50” to 72”
  • High quality, heavy duty construction for long life
  • Installs in less than 15 seconds