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Don't Star in a Horror Movie

Whether you love them or hate them, everyone knows at least a few of the horror movie tropes. Don’t say you’ll be right back. Don’t make light of urban legends. Don’t make questionable romantic decisions. Most importantly, don’t break the axle on your car and go looking for help. That’s usually a one-way ticket to being dinner for backwoods zombie werewolves, or something like that.

It isn’t a stretch to say that breaking an axle on your ATV (WS4) or UTV (WSS4) track kit would be a headache. Maybe you won’t end up running from a chainsaw-wielding granny, but it would be just as scary to hike out of the backcountry where you were stranded on a snowy ride. You may think it would be even more terrifying for your wallet, but has you covered. We’re the world’s premier source for Kimpex track systems, as well as all the parts you will ever need to keep your ride far ahead of scary creatures. We carry replacement axles for Kimpex track kits. If you find a worn or cracked axle during maintenance, you can simply replace it. No stress on your wallet, and no creepy soundtrack. Give a call at (866) 243-8359 for more information.

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