Geo/Chevy Tracker Track Kits

Small Budget meets the snow

There was a time when “off-road” meant “big money”. Having a vehicle that you could take up in the hills usually meant spending a lot on a big bruiser of a truck. Big tires, big engine, big cab, and big bills when something broke. But something happened in the late 1980s. Several low-budget, smaller SUVs came to the market and changed the rules for off-road fun. That’s why many people still have fond memories of the Geo Tracker, a little two-door SUV that could bounce around the hills just as easily as it could bounce around town. However, this light little two-door wasn’t very good in deep snow. It didn’t bounce through drifts. It simply went in and never came out.

However, Geo Tracker fans no longer have to garage their little SUV when it snows., the world’s premier dealer of Camso and Kimpex track systems, also offers conversion kits for older model Geo Trackers. The Tracker’s light curb weight, combined with the high surface area of UTV tracks, means lower total ground pressure. That means your Geo Tracker can move over the snow like it’s wearing snow shoes. You can turn your vehicle into a year-round off-road champion with minimal modification. Also, while the bigger trucks sink in the deep snow, you can drive circles around them on your way to your hunting camp. Now you can go farther and explore more for less. Call at (866) 243-8359 for more information.