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Mules Kick, But a Carry Doesn't

There are a lot of places where a regular vehicle just can’t go. Leaving outer space and the oceans out, even an old-fashioned hunting trip can be a pain. Heading up into the mountains in the family sedan won’t cut it. Your big truck works great in the mud, but it will just spin tires in a deep snow drift. And mules? Those suckers will kick and bite, not to mention the cleanup. How can you carry all your gear, food, and fuel to your favorite hunting camp without making several trips on snowmobiles? Here’s a radical idea – the Suzuki Carry mini-truck. It carries two adults comfortably and has a nice cargo area for loading up all your gear. They’re also ludicrously cheap, if you know where to look. But if a regular car can’t make the trip, how could a little Asian mini-truck get to camp?

The answer isn’t very hard. Through the years many people have been building custom track systems and modifying light vehicles for use in the snow. But instead of fabricating a track system, or buying an expensive pre-built system, has the solution., the world’s premier source for Camso and Kimpex UTV track systems, has conversion kits that will fit Suzuki Carry mini-trucks. The ridiculously light curb weight of the Suzuki Carry, plus the large surface area of the UTV track kits, creates low ground pressure that prevents the truck from sinking into deep snow. You can load up the truck with plenty of supplies and still make it to camp. Installation is easy and requires minimal modification to the vehicle. The kits will even work with the track systems you have for your existing UTV or side-by-side. Go farther and explore more in comfort. Call at (866) 243-8359 for more information.

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