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The Legend is Real

It is a legend whispered of on enthusiast blogs and boards. The legend of the elusive beast known as the “snow-zuki”. This beast, an evolved version of the famous Suzuki Samurai SUV, is a light and nimble creature that can carve through snow like its namesake sword through green tea gelatin. The tales speak of it riding on four individual tracks mounted to the axles. Wizened 40-something gearheads remember the originals fondly, and yearn for the freedom that such a machine could bring to one lucky enough to tame it.

It’s not a myth., the world’s premier source for Camso and Kimpex track systems, has conversion kits to mount UTV tracks on a Suzuki Samurai. The light curb weight of the Suzuki Samurai paired with the low surface area pressure of these track systems allows a Samurai to go places previously only dreamed of. These conversion kits, with minimal vehicle modification, can make your UTV tracks into Samurai tracks. Now you can go farther and explore more, all in ways you never dreamed of before. Call at (866) 243-8359 for more information.

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