Suzuki Sidekick Track Kits

This Sidekick is a Hero

Sure, there are plenty of superheroes with sidekicks. These days you can’t turn around in a movie studio lot without knocking over two kids in masks, tights, and capes. But everyday people used to have access to their own sidekicks. The Suzuki Sidekick was a lightweight SUV that still has plenty of fans and enthusiasts. But this sidekick had one fatal flaw – you couldn’t take it out in deep snow. Well, you couldn’t take it into deep snow without losing it until springtime. Rumor has it that you can still find lost Sidekicks, buried under moss and leaves, in some areas of the Rocky Mountains.

However, new technology exists to rehabilitate old Sidekicks. Today Sidekicks, with their lighter curb weight and rugged build, can be fitted with UTV tracks to make them true all-terrain vehicles. However, not everyone has access to billions of dollars and an endless supply of orphans. The more sensible way to upgrade your Sidekick is to get a conversion kit from offers conversion kits for Camso and Kimpex UTV track systems allowing anyone to convert a Suzuki Sidekick into a capable hero. The high surface area and lower ground pressure of track systems allow a Sidekick to go places it never dreamed of before. Go farther and explore more with your own sidekick. Call at (866) 243-8359 for more information.