Camso DTS 129

Beta 520 RS (2014)


There’s nothing a dirt bike rider dreads more than the last ride of the season. Are you tired of waiting for the snow to melt so you can hit the trails? Go far, explore more. Introducing the Camso DTS 129 snow bike system for Beta motorcycles. This track kit is designed specifically for Beta RS models with 520 CC engines, produced in 2014. This dirt-to-snow conversion system features a bolt-on track and front sled to convert your dirt bike to a snow-chewing machine.

The Camso DTS 129 conversion system provides a single-rail suspension to maintain classic dirt bike handling in snow. The rubber tracks are specifically designed for use on snow bikes. Each track is built with a pre-bled braking system to ensure optimal braking. The Camso DTS 129 conversion system is designed to keep your bike’s original balance while riding in snow. Stop dreading the first snows. You’ll never look at winter the same way again.

  • Cutting-edge track design Provide versatility with grip and control on all snow conditions.
  • Single rail suspension Maintain similar dirt bike behavior you love on dirt but in the snow.
  • Suspension CAM integration Maintain suspension behavior you love on dirt.
  • Polymer brake shield enclosing Isolate from snow contact to provide full brake efficiency in any conditions.
  • Resized brake rotor Better even brake pad pressure allowing consistent braking in all snow conditions.
  • Aluminum side panel Improve durability and increase panel rigidity.

At, we specialize in track systems. We offer the best dirt bike track kits available. We offer the best parts and expertise for any application. Give us a call at (866) 243-8359 to find out how the Camso DTS 129 can turn your bike into a snow-shredding beast. Go far. Explore more.

Go ahead. Keep your Bike out

Are you tired of putting up your dirt bike when the snow flies? There�s a track kit for you. The DTS-129 track system from Camso will convert your bike from a two-wheeled dirt machine to a snow beast. The track system replaces your rear wheel with an integrated dual-chain tensioner, pre-bled braking system, and covered with an aluminum side panel to reinforce structural integrity. A 12.5� wide track creates maximum flotation on snow. The front wheel is replaced with a ski featuring a replaceable side keel for better turns. This system mimics dirt path handling on the snow and can even be used on hard pack trails.

The ultimate all-season upgrade

Get reliable winter mobility with your Dirt Bike by equipping it with tracks.


No other track system give you this much


Easily interchangeable between bikes

Buying a new bike? Want to take another bike out in the winter? This track system easily bolts onto most dirt bikes. Maximize the ride in all seasons.


Quick and easy to install

With a few basic tools you can get the recurrent installation done in an hour or less. Nonetheless, we recommend that you have an authorized dealer carry out the first installation.


Built to last

Constructed with a solid tubular steel frame, an aluminum side panel for rigidity, and an aluminum strut, this track kit is built to last. Even the braking system is enclosed in a polymer shield to prolong brake efficiency in any conditions.


Simple high-performance design

Camso systems are designed with ease and durability in mind to minimize maintenance and simplify your life. They're tough and reliable to give you superior, exhilarating performance.


A Bike for All Seasons

  • Track system specifically designed for dirt bikes
  • Track designed for optimal flotation and grip in any snow conditions
  • Suspension designed to mimic dirt track action on snow
  • Front ski designed for stable and predictable handling
  • Fast, easy swap from wheels to tracks and back again
Estimated dry weight| Front ski 20 lb / 9 kg
Overal length x width| Front ski 43 in x 12 in (1100 mm x 305 mm)
Estimated dry weight| Rear suspension 135 lb /61 kg
Overall length x width| Rear suspension 69 in x 15 in (1750 mm x 385 mm)
Main frame Tubular steel frame
Side panel All aluminium reinforced with square panel guard
Strut rod Aluminium rod with compliant rubber mount
Chain slider Primary and secondary drive nylon chain guide
Brake type Radial mount double piston caliper, pre-bled RH hand master cylinder, revised rotor and anti-rattle brake pad clip
Chain case Sealed Regina 520 (continuous)
Drive chain Sealed Regina 520 (master link)
Drive shaft sprocket 17 tooth w/ splined axle
Upper chain case sprocket 15 tooth w/ splined axle
Lower chain case sprocket 19 tooth w/ splined axle
Track driver 7 tooth x 2,86 double internal drive
Chain tensioner Oil bath bearing dual chain tensioner. Slide and pivot
Rail Aluminium reinforced polymer single beam suspension
Shock and spring Single torsion spring and gaz shock absorber
Travel 12.0 in (30.5 cm)
Track width/length/height 12.5 in x 129 in x 2.5 in
Ski type Camso multiple keel snow bike ski
Ski upright Polymer compliant upright with pivot point integrated at the keel level
Wear bar Inner 60� STUD BOY� shaper bar carbide / Outside sharpened high-strength steel
Front and rear fitment CNC machined aluminium bushing and plates
Cargo storage Integrated storage zone with anchor point
Installation time < 2 hr
Subsequent < 1 hr

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