Kimpex WS4

Kawasaki 750i KVF Brute Force 4x4 EPS / SE (2017)


Shouldn’t your ATV really be an all-terrain vehicle? Are you still storing it away in the winter? Then it’s time to explore more. Introduce yourself to the Kimpex WS4 track system for Kawasaki ATVs. These ATV tracks are designed specifically for Kawasaki KVF Brute Force 4x4 models with 750i CC engines, produced in 2017.

The Kimpex WS4 track system provides excellent weight distribution, making your ATV float on the snow while tearing through winter terrain. The rubber tracks are specifically designed for ATVs to provide the best traction regardless of weight. Each track is built with a rigid frame to provide a smooth ride and maximum stability. The Kimpex WS4 track system also works beautifully on other terrain types. You may want to ditch your old wheels altogether.

  • 15” (381 mm) sprocket built for all season use.
  • Aggressive track profile.
  • HD tensioner: Quick & easy to use.
  • Pronounced attack angle helps to clear obstacles.
  • Wheels contact patch coated with rubber: Prevents ice from sticking.
  • Track System without slider shoe for all season performance.
  • Three wheels on the ground for less steering effort.
  • Wheels with two cap-protected ball bearings : low and easy maintenance.
  • Triangulated frame composed of robust 2.5” (64 mm) steel tubing.

At, we specialize in ATV track systems. We offer the best ATV track kits available. We offer the best parts and expertise for any ATV application. Give us a call at (866) 243-8359 to find out how the Kimpex WS4 can turn your ATV into a true all-terrain vehicle. Go far. Explore more.

Command the Road, Wherever it Goes

Your ATV gets a lot of use. Working, playing, traveling - you need your ATV to go everywhere possible. Make sure it can get where the road takes you. The Commander WS4 track system by Kimpex is designed to turn your ATV into a true all-terrain machine. The rugged, all steel tubular frame and rubber track can take the roughest paths. The wide track width and maximum surface contact allow you to float over snow and mud without bogging down. Don’t let winter keep you indoors. Get out and ride.

The ultimate all-season upgrade

Get reliable year-round mobility with your ATV by equipping it with tracks.


No other track system give you this much


Flexible Mounting Options

The Kimpex Commander WS4 track system can be mounted on most makes and models of ATVs. Changing your ride doesn’t mean buying a new track kit. (Polaris ATVs will require a conversion kit for mounting.)


Quick and easy to install

With a few basic tools you can get the recurrent installation done in an hour or less. Nonetheless, we recommend that you have an authorized dealer carry out the first installation.


Built to last

Constructed with a solid tubular steel frame, a 15” all season sprocket, and dual-ball bearing wheels with protective caps, this track kit is built to take whatever you throw it into.


Simple high-performance design

Camso systems are designed with ease and durability in mind to minimize maintenance and simplify your life. They're tough and reliable to give you superior, exhilarating performance.


Ride your ATV Year-Round

  • Lightweight, durable track system for use in any season
  • More than 2,000 sq. in. of surface contact for maximum flotation
  • Aggressive track profile for tackling obstacles
  • Interchangeable with other vehicles (conversion kit may be required)
  • Fast, easy swap from wheels to tracks and back again

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