Camso X4S

TGB 1000 Blade i LT / EPS (2018-2019)


Shouldn’t your ATV really be an all-terrain vehicle? Are you still storing it away in the winter? Then it’s time to explore more. Introduce yourself to the Camso X4S track system for TGB ATVs. These ATV tracks are designed specifically for TGB Blade i models with 1000 CC engines, produced from 2018 through 2019. This track kit features a 18-tooth front sprocket, a 18-tooth rear sprocket, and Ind suspension.

The Camso X4S track system provides excellent weight distribution, making your ATV float on the snow while tearing through winter terrain. The rubber tracks are specifically designed for ATVs to provide the best traction regardless of weight. Each track is built with a rigid frame to provide a smooth ride and maximum stability. The Camso X4S track system also works beautifully on other terrain types. You may want to ditch your old wheels altogether.

  • Optimized solid steel frame with improved geometry provides better front steering and handling.
  • Double bearing hubs and oil bath housing for optimum durability.
  • Idler and midroller wheels have been widened to 26mm to provide better track support.
  • Double bearing bolt-on wheels with replaceable bearings for easier, more economic maintenance.
  • Exclusive flex-track design on front-mounted tracks feature flexible sides and slight curve toward the inside providing stable handling and more comfortable ride, compared to flat tracks.
  • Interchangeable between ATV and UTV applications.

At, we specialize in ATV track systems. We offer the best ATV track kits available. We offer the best parts and expertise for any ATV application. Give us a call at (866) 243-8359 to find out how the Camso X4S can turn your ATV into a true all-terrain vehicle. Go far. Explore more.



Get the best performance

Whatever your outdoor activities, from work to play, the new Camso X4S track system has been designed to meet any usage of an all-terrain vehicle owner.

It is the worry-free solution to get the most performance and enjoyment out of your ATV driving experience.

The new Camso X4S is the next generation of track system that provides the ultimate versatility, stability and handling on any terrain all year-round.

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Camso X4S Tracks are Interchangeable between your ATV and UTV!

Camso X4S on UTV



Explore more for less

The NEW Camso X4S track system has been designed to make the most of any outdoor activities on your small to mid-size side-by-side vehicle with 3 seats or less.

It is our most affordable and versatile UTV track system helping you and your family to get the job done around the cabin, while making the most of your recreational activities such as fishing and hunting.

The Camso X4S is the reliable choice to get you where you need to go any day of the year.

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